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Title: The Cultural Reconstruction Center
Groups/Pairings: Arashi, Sho/Jun
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of the 1923 Kanto Earthquake. Know your triggers.
Word Count: 7711 words
Summary: Sho and Jun are from two different worlds, but they keep colliding.
Notes: For the 2013 je_otherworlds exchange. View the original without footnotes here. First of all, thank you to piecesofalice! Your prompt led me to research not only the mods vs rockers era (it didn't work out, but boy was research fun), but also the jazz scene in general and also, more broadly, interwar Japan. I am a huge history nerd and this period is exactly the type that I love, so researching it was delightful and I got ridiculously detailed. Everything is as factually accurate for 1928 Tokyo as I could be using Google and Wiki. I have a few post-script notes with both vocab and links out if anyone finds themselves at all interested in the history of interwar Japan/jazz/life. And last but not least, I must thank my ever-trustworthy beta, phrenk, for making this a better story. ♥

'Look for the doorway painted forest green. It has an unpolished brass knocker and the words Cultural Reconstruction Center, Established Taisho 13 in messy calligraphy down the left side of the wooden door.'Collapse )
Title: One Thousand Pieces
Groups: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Nino/Jun, established relationship
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4369 words
Summary: Aiba buys Nino and Jun a 1,000-piece puzzle as a house-warming present.
Notes: Written for satsumatsu for ninoexchange 2013, originally posted here.
First of all, big ups to nino_mod! I love this exchange. Thanks to my beta, the lovely phrenk, who held my hand and made this fic far better than I could have done myself.

There's a large table in the space between the living room and kitchen in Nino and Jun's apartment. To the casual observer, it's a dining table, but they never eat there.Collapse )
Title: Flower Press
Group: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Aiba/Ohno, ~romance~
Rating: G
Word Count: 989 words
Summary: Nobody else quite understands the freedom of lying in a field, complete silence surrounding them.
Note: Written for my rainbowfilling prompt table! The prompt was "bluebells". I have a Supernatural fic titled the same thing, but my defence is that I have an adorable years-later moment in my head that involves Ohno having saved the flower pressed in his favorite book that he then turns into something for Aiba to keep. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I JUST ROMANCED THIS UP EVEN MORE. Thanks, as always, to phrenk for holding my hand and making this better. ♥

The grass is warm beneath them and Aiba feels like giggling as a breeze makes the blades tickle at the back of his neck.Collapse )
Title: Naked
Group: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Aiba/Nino, silly (silly is totally a genre)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 623 words
Summary: It's not that Nino has a problem with Aiba being naked...
Note: Written for my rainbowfilling prompt table! The prompt was "blankets". This is a pretty silly little fic but I kind of love it. ♥ Thanks, as always, to phrenk for holding my hand and suggesting minor adjustments to make things better. ♥

'Aiba, can you please stop walking around my apartment naked?'Collapse )
Title: Hugs
Group: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Sho/Ohno, gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 1088 words
Summary: Ohno gives the best hugs. Sho needs them the most right now.
Note: Written for my new and improved rainbowfilling prompt table! The prompt was "Sleep deprivation," one of my favorite Johnny's themes. I'm definitely getting bingo this month, I swear. This is also breaking me out of a serious writing dry spell, so I know it's not really slashy at all, but YOU GUYS, I WROTE OHNO POV! That counts a million points in my world. I never write Ohno.

Most days, Ohno doesn't feel like a leader.Collapse )
Title: Extending Yourself
Group: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Jun-centric
Rating: G
Word Count: 1671 words
Summary: There's something about getting back to your roots...
Notes: This is just about the longest thing I have ever had to write. And obviously I don't mean the length, I mean the actual amount of time it took me to write this. But in the end, I was inspired by both a reintroduction to the amazing life of Arashi, as well as the departure of my long-loved friend waxrose. This is officially for her help_japan request - Asia Tour-era Jun with extensions. This isn't anything we ever talked about, but it just came to me. I hope it works. ♥

As soon as Jun debuted with Arashi, he knew that there wouldn't be many chances to make his own choices...Collapse )
Title: Going Home
Group: Arashi
Pairing/genre: Ohno/Sho background pairing; this is just general angst
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4264 words
Summary: Aiba doesn't know what to do when Ohno turns up on his doorstep, distraught. So he takes him home for some family companionship.
Notes: When I started to remix __sine's amazing Triptych, I had lots of false starts before I got to Distractions. This one was nearly 3000 words when I abandoned it, so I sent it to __sine and received some lovely feedback. I decided to finish it off, so here it is! Many thanks to aoihikari for the quick beta :D

It's twilight over Tokyo, and Aiba is sitting on his back balcony watching the sunset.Collapse )
Title: The Cruelest Laughter
Group: Arashi
Pairing/genre: Ohmiya (with references to others); a bit of angst
Rating: R
Word count: 2700 words
Summary: Ohno laughs and Nino gets awkward.
Notes: Written for jentfic_remix, originally posted here; remix of this. There was so much good material to work from; I hope you like it, phrenk! I used a little of the original fic at the end - denoted in italics - because I couldn't find a better way to end the story. ♥ Thanks to waxrose, my beta, and elfiepike for listening to me whine constantly and giving it a final read-over.

If you had asked Nino five years ago how he felt about Ohno Satoshi, he would have had an answer at the ready.Collapse )
Title: banana box
Group: Arashi
Pairing/Genre: Aiba/Jun, and it's sorta fluffy but mostly random.
Rating: G
Word Count: 963 words
Summary: Jun has this weird sense of deja-vu...
Notes: Written for my rainbowfilling prompt card! Prompt is: "Abandoned puppy in a banana box". Also: you can see how I am way more wordy when tipsy because that is how this fic started out... mmm parenthetical statements.

It wasn't every day that Matsumoto Jun thought that his life was mimicking his drama roles.Collapse )

rainbowfilling challenge!

Rainbow Filling: an Arashi Rare Pair Challenge!

Some awesome people on my LJ friendslist came up with the idea of an Arashi rarepair fic bingo challenge, and I could not resist. Even though I fear writing two of the pairings (Aiba/Ohno and Jun/Ohno is going to keeeel me), I signed up for this to get more more more of all the wonderful pairings - friendship or romantic - within Arashi. Check out my rainbowfilling bingo card below. Fics are 500 words or more, and the first one's due August 31! I'll be crossposting between that community and this one, and I'll keep them tagged here with *rainbowfilling, so keep an eye on one or both and have fun reading!

Edited 29/12/2012: I only did one (listed below) but I'm trying this again in 2013, so here's my new prompt table!

JUN/AIBA FREE SQUARE Taking care of a sick loved one Sleep deprivation Miniature golf With a cute animal
Just came to say hello JUN/OHNO FREE SQUARE You can't trust Nino Gummy bears I want to return it
Diary Forgetful mail carrier AIBA/NINO FREE SQUARE White as a ghost Picnic under the table
To catch the conscience of the king Denying Blankets OHNO/SHO FREE SQUARE True romance
Smells like teen spirit Sexting Bluebells Finale AIBA/OHNO FREE SQUARE

Previous table: Abandoned puppy in a banana box
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