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This is a fan works community covering two fandoms: Supernatural, and Johnny's Entertainment. Newly updated fic and icons will most likely be for JE - Arashi and KAT-TUN, mainly, but you might get lucky and see the NewS boys or Ikuta Toma show up. Check the tags for fic you're looking for.

This community is rated 14+ because it is a miracle if I do not include swearing and sexual themes in my fic, whether or not it becomes the focus or a main feature of the story. I think of the children. However, if you are over 14 you should still check the ratings I give my stories and their applicable warnings, just in case the themes may be inappropriate. I will mark the Adult Content according to individual posts, though - icon & G-rated fic posts will be graded down and R & NC-17-rated fic will be upgraded. Fic posted elsewhere and found in the sticky post will not necessarily adhere to these rules.

Joining the community is completely optional, of course, but what it does give you is the ability to make a request in the requests post. Membership is open so feel free to join!

handy pages:
» fanfic index
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» tags page

You can also find me on AO3 under my username: littlealex.

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